Borneo Tribal Drum Basket - with Red Hot Pom-poms

Beautifully handwoven in Borneo by Indonesian local artisans, made with natural soft rattan straw, which is also called "Anjat". Anjat is a traditional craft which was first introduced by the Dayak Tribe in Kalimantan / Borneo Island, Indonesia. Back in the old days, these baskets are commonly used to carry and store harvest from farm or forest.

In modern home, this Borneo basket is perfect to store magazines, newspaper or books in the living room. This is a beautiful way to organise living spaces to create a warmer and natural atmosphere in your home. In the kitchen, this gorgeous basket can also be useful to store recipe books, and to hide cereal or snack boxes.

Basket details:
• This item is sourced directly from artisans in Borneo
• Height : around 14.5 inches
• Diameter : around 12.5 inches
• Material : Natural Rattan Straw / Anjat from Borneo

Please message us for custom inquiries such as event decoration, home staging, expedited shippings, etc.

All of our collections are handmade in Borneo, there might be irregularities that add to its one of a kind nature.

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