Essential Oil Odor Eliminator Spray

  • NATURAL ESSENTIAL OIL ODOR ELIMINATOR - Our 100% Natural Essential Oil Odor Eliminator works effectively on contact to neutralize smells that are present in cars, toilet rooms, backpacks, laundry / pet spaces, boats, RV's, shoes & more! Our odor control formula is created from oils that fight odor as well as contain antibacterial properties like Witch Hazel, Tea Tree & Lemongrass. Our 4oz bottle is small, discrete & ready to work at eliminate embarrassing, gross & funky smells.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE - Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the essence of the plant they are derived from & is obtained through distillation or cold pressing. We ONLY use oils that are 100% UNDILUTED and ORGANIC CERTIFIED BY USDA. Oils made through chemical processes are not the same, so please do not compare our product with lesser grade blends. We are the only Essential Oil Deodorizer that will pay extra to use CERTIFIED ORGANIC OILS in our proprietary blend.
  • CHEMICAL FREE, NON TOXIC, ECO-FRIENDLY - Our Essential oil blend doesn't mask the smells like other “odor eliminator” products. It eliminates them using the scientific properties of the essential oils that have been used by ancient cultures up to modern day. Unlike other products that spray stuffy fragrances, propellants, chemicals, toxins or additives into the air you breathe, our blend neutralizes these pollutant smells instantly. These other products make your air quality worse!
  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS MAKES A DIFFERENCE - Our company had to decide what level of products we wanted to offer. We strive for EXCELLENCE everyday. You, as our customer, will experience this level of excellence with the best ingredients available like USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC essential oils, recyclable packaging, & a better spray nozzle to prevent leaking. That is just how we do it. Finally, our product is MADE IN THE USA, family owned. We only sell products that we use ourself & always will.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING - Our adventure/travel and eco-friendly brand, Terra Lifestyle Co, is conscious about the environment and what packaging we use for our products. While plastic is cheaper and what most other brands on Amazon use for packaging, that just does not work for us. We use a recyclable chipboard box that will biodegrade and not stay on our Earth for millions of years. Please reuse or recycle the recyclable Odor Eliminator bottles after you’ve killed all the odors and smells.

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